4 Tips for increasing your subscribers on YouTube

Increasing the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel is an art. Some Youtubers are so good at it that they are considered true internet stars. You too can attract more followers to your channel with a few simple tricks. This is important if you want your videos to get more views. Everything starts with what you do with your channel. If you follow these tips, you’ll definitely get more subscribers!


Think hard about your video titles

To get noticed on the internet you’ll need good and compelling content. And that starts with the title of your video. Think about this for a moment because a good title will really make a difference. Here are a few tips for an attractive title:

  • Use numbers! If you want to make a video with five tips for eating healthy, be sure to put ‘5 tips’ in the title of your video. That way, your viewers will know exactly what to expect and will be more likely to keep watching.
  • Choose the right terms that people would type into search engines like Google. There are lots of tools for this, but sometimes you can sense it straight away.
  • Make sure your title is exciting enough! If you give everything away right away, people will have no reason to watch the video. Don’t forget that someone has to stick around for 30 seconds before YouTube gives you a view.
  • Also work with capital letters! And we don’t just mean the first word of your sentence, but every first letter or even complete words. Basically, this will make your title easier to read and your message will stand out more.


Add a transcription to your videos

More and more people consume video every day, so you want to make them accessible to the largest audience possible. To do this add captions to your videos with an automatic subtitle application. There are plenty online applications to choose from. You’ll have to upload your video and the application converts your mp4 to text, online in a matter of minutes. Doing this will make your YouTube channel more accessible to different audiences. Help people with hearing problems access your content. It’s a great way to get more subscribers and grow your following


Post a new video on a regular basis

A channel with nothing to do is like a pub with no beer. It will not attract many people. So, make a new video regularly and share it with your subscribers. For example, one video per week is not a bad rhythm. It’s also not the end of the world if there is a bit more time between videos. Sharing too many videos is not a good idea either. So go for a workable and pleasant rhythm.


Promote your channel on social media

Social media are all connected, so it’s not just on YouTube itself that you should be looking for new subscribers. Do you have a Facebook profile? Or an Instagram account? Or do you like to use Twitter? Share your videos everywhere and put a reference to your channel in your bio too. Be sure to install these apps on your smartphone so you can track your channel traffic anytime, anywhere.


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