These celebrity apps are trending like crazy

Celebrities know that fame and beauty are not forever. Thus, many have created more than one income stream, and one of those is developing an app or three. Here are the top choices.

Kendall and Kylie

Free on iOS and Android, this game allows users to be Kendall and Kylie. You create your own character and hit the town with the youngest sibs of the Kardashian clan. Kendall is doing quite well for herself, and is developing herself into quite the business woman. Her Net Worth is estimated around $18 million by

Britney Spears: American Dream

Also free on iOS and Android, you play a rising pop star. You experience – albeit virtually – the life of a pop star: meeting your manager, performing at gigs, talking to the press, etc. You also play around designs for your album covers. How fun is that!


Only USD 2 on iOS and Android, it is a must-have for KUWTK fans. Play with different emojis and GIFs you can send your friends to make your chats fun and playful.


Free on iOS and Android, and Jared Leto are part of the group behind Reserve, a restaurant reservation app. You can make a restaurant reservation using the app and can pay your bill through the app as well, without waiting for the cashier to do the transaction for you. It covers big US cities like NYC, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.


Heads Up!

With a subscription fee of USD per month on iOS and Android, this app is Ellen Degeneres’ brainchild. You play a guessing game on a wide variety of topics. The app replaces physical cards. It is great for parties but cannot be played on your own.


Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go!

Free on iOS, Chelsea Handler is the brains behind this one. This app is an excuse generator to get you out of sticky situations. Like when a date is not going so well, use the app to generate a clean exit plan that will not embarrass you nor your date.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Free on iOS and Android, this game allows you live like a celebrity, with Kim Kardashian as your BFF. Virtually live the life of a celebrity. In-app purchases allow you to expand your wardrobe and other accessories.

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

Free on iOS and Android, you get to create a rising pop star character on to the road to stardom. It is also peppered with Demi Lovato’s music, trivia, and stories.

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