Yaron Varsano: Net worth, Career & Age of Gal Gadot’s Husband

Whoever does not know Gal Gadot by this time must have been living under a rock. Gadot already made her mark in Hollywood when she joined the Fast and the Furious franchise. She rose to superstardom thanks to her role as Wonder Woman. Though many articles and features have been published on Gadot, her husband, Yaron Varsano can hold his own to his superhero wife. Standing at 6’1”, Varsano exudes a formidable presence when he enters a room. He is quite active on social media, using the handle Jaron Varsano, usually posting photos of his family and supporting feminism, along with his wife. 


Early life 

Christened Yaron Varsano, Varsano was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on June 28, 1975 to Israeli parents. He has one brother. He attended the International School of Amsterdam and went to the New York Institute of Technology and graduated from there in 2000. 


Love story with Gal 

Gadot and Varsano met at a yoga retreat in a desert in Israel in 2006. In the midst of talks about yoga, chakras, and healthy eating, they surprisingly found each other. Gadot was 21, Varsano was 31. On their second date, Varsano told Gadot that he was in it for the long-haul and already told her he would propose marriage to her in not more than 2 years. In their 2 years of dating, they remained honest to each other and kept their relationship simple. In 2008, true to his word, he popped the question and she said yes. They got married in September 2008. 


Family life 

Since Gadot’s Hollywood career went underway, Varsano is ultra supportive of his wife. They shuttled back and forth between Tel Aviv and California to be together (Varsano is based in Israel, while Gadot stays in California). They had their first child in 2011, a baby girl they named Alma. They did not let work stop them from being together and pursuing their careers so the entire family stayed together, flying back and forth from Israel to the US and back. Baby number 2 came in March 2017, after Gadot finished filming Wonder Woman (yes, she was pregnant while shooting the movie). Little Maya Varsano is the 4th member of the Varsano family. In 2018, the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. 


Career & Net Worth Yaron Varsano

In 2010, Varsano moved back to Israel and established his real estate business there. He also started working on a hotel. As a real estate developer and businessman, one of his notable projects is a hotel he built in Tel Aviv, Israel. He ran The Varsano Hotel along with his brother, Guy. in 2015, they sold the hotel to the Chelsea Football League owner, Roman Abramovich for USD 26 million. There are news reports claiming that his net worth is USD 40 million. 


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