Hulu vs Vudu vs Sling: Which streaming service is the best?

hulu compared to streaming services sling and vudu

Thanks to technology, the public can enjoy their favorite movies – and TV shows – anytime, anywhere. Not only that, there are specialized services that bring people their favorite film or show to their gadgets or big screen TVs. These streaming services are the most popular ones so far.



Hulu was founded in 2007 through a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, and AT&T. Hulu offers free and paid content, with the latter having more variety and the latest films and shows. In 2017, they added a new service – live TV streaming. Hulu is currently available in the US and its territories and Japan, with 23 million subscribers. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Hulu allows subscribers to access their content via any possible gadget. Hulu’s subscription rates start at USD 7.99 per month. But the premium subscription USD 39.99 and UD 49.99 a month with minimal ad content, live TV streaming, and the latest releases. There are also add-ons, like if you want HBO (add USD 14.99 monthly), Cinemax (add USD 9.99 monthly), and Showtime (add USD 8.99 monthly). The downside to Hulu is that it only offers 720p HD quality. And even with their most premium plans, they are not totally ad-free. Check out their the best Hulu movies on rated from best to worst based on IMDB rating.



Founded by Alain Rossman and Tony Miranz, Vudu provides streaming service of full-length movies in the US and Canada. It has been owned by Walmart since 2010. Vudu offers different video quality, which includes 4k or ultra high-definition (UHD) at 2160p, of different movie and TV genres, except adult content. Unfortunately, subtitles are not always available. Vudu has a pay-as-you-watch policy, so no subscription fees or recurring fees. Viewers can rent titles from over 2,000 TV shows and 15,000 films on the platform. They can keep it on file for 30 days, but once they watch it, they have 24 hours to finish it. They can extend the rental at a discounted rate. Movies for sale are only available in 480p quality. Movie rental is about USD 4-5 per title, while TV shows can cost about USD 3-4 per title. Because of their partnership with distribution companies, they get the titles as soon as they are available on DVD.



Sling TV was founded in 2015 and now has over 2 million subscribers. Unfortunately, it is only accessible and available in the US and Puerto Rico. There are 3 monthly subscription packages available. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are at USD 25, with different channel offerings. You get 29+ channels with Sling Orange, while you get 42+ channels with Sling Blue. But if you get the Sling Blue + Sling Orange package, you get 48+ channels for USD 40 a month. You can also add other channels for an additional cost. DVR options are also available for USD 5 a month, with only 50 hours or recording time available. Though Sling is the cheapest service out there, their channel offering is not vast and may vary depending on your location.

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