Blogging is becoming a mass movement based on personality and authenticity. It is dramatically changing the media landscape as we know it.

CScout is currently organizing a Trend Day about Blogging in Munich.

Trend Day Blogging

Featuring Discussion with

Blogs: Definitions, Facts & Figures.
Citizen journalism
How the traditional role of journalists is being undermined by bloggers
Corporate blogging
How companies can use blogging as a new strategy for Marketing & PR.
Political blogging
How politians use blogs as an authentic and personal touch-point.
How blogging opens up new methods of advertising.

Organizer: CScout Trendberatung GmbH, Blumenstr. 28, 80331 München
Location: BLM (Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien), Heinrich-Lübke-Str. 27, 81737 München
Timing: March 8th, 2005 – Start: 1:30 pm
Guests: max. 100 People; Managers in Media, Marketing & Communication.

Admission fee: 200,- Euro

Why you should attend?
1) Learn how to use Blogging sucessfully within your business
2) Opportunities to get insights and experiences directly from blog experts
3) Face-to-face interaction and networking with top decision makers in a low pressure environment
4) To think about how shifts in consumer behavior are changing revenue models, product lifecycles and consumer experience – and how to address changes affecting a business.
5) To understand today’s challenges through blogging in sustaining established information and media businesses.
6) To explore how the blogosphere will change your industry
7) To learn best practices and study the most innovative business cases to grow revenue and audience.

What will you learn?
– An inside view of the blogging world.
– Strategies, opportunities, challenges, benefits in blogging
– Corporate, political and journalistic case studies about Blogging

Who should attend?
Anybody in a decision-making role involving marketing, communication, public relations, planning, strategy and investing, including leaders within senior management, research, product development, business development and finance. Our discussions welcome participants from a variety of communications industries in established, startup or non-profit ventures, including news, advertising, technology, telecommunications, investment and research.

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