The Most visited websites in Canada

Since the WWW’s inception in August 1991, the world has been using the Web nonstop. And Canada is no exception. We took a look at the top sites in Canada and this is what we found out. Of course the adult sector always tops the charts, as well as Canada’s betting sites. is still the go-to information source, even in Canada. Your average Canadian spends around 7 minutes browsing it. Google gets an average of 7.3 pageviews every day.

Apparently, Canadians get their daily dose of news about home from Google. Canadians spend around 6-7 minutes browsing it every day, checking the page 10x per visit.



Canadians love their video fix. Like their morning java, YouTube gets 5 pageviews daily and people spend around 9 minutes on the site every time.



Facebook is the top social media networking site visited by Canadians. Surprisingly, a visitor spends 10 minutes checking out the page and the sites gets an average of 4 pageviews daily.

Online shopping has never become easier, thanks to Amazon. The average Canadian spends almost 7 minutes on the page daily. It gets around 7.5 pageviews every day.

Betting on sports, and playing sports is very popular in Canada. is the 700th most popular website in Canada and is also regarded as the number one on Bettingtop10 best sports websites in Canada. is still one of the most popular news sites for Canadians. It gets 3.4 pageviews on a daily basis and Canadians stick around the site for about 4 minutes per visit.

Canadians surely like their search engines. Windows Live is the 4th most-visited search engine in the land of maple syrup. Visitors stay around for 4 minutes. It gets 3.64 pageviews on a day to day basis. is the world’s largest porn streaming site and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It is also Canada’s number one source of porn. It gets 3.29 pageviews per visit and people linger for about 8.31 minutes per site visit. is another news site that keeps Canadians updated on trending topics. They spend almost 14 minutes checking it out, with an average of 9 pageviews.

Twitter is the 2nd most-visited social networking site in Canada. It gets around 3 pageviews every day and they spend about 6 minutes on the site.

Wikipedia is the top 2 information source for Canadians. It gets an average of 4.13 minutes of screentime and 3.21 pageviews per day.



Instagram is the 3rd top-rated social networking site in that side of the globe. People stick around for almost 6 minutes per visit and it gets an average of 3.3 pageviews.

Love your own seems to be Canada’s motto. They surely show love to, Canada’s own eBay (it is actually eBay’s subsidiary). Visitors linger for an average of 9.54 minutes per site visit. It also gets almost 10 pageviews daily.

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