These are the 5 biggest gaming trends for 2019

The fearless forecast when it comes to gaming is that there will be 2.73 billion gamers by 2021 and the gaming industry will be worth over USD 90 billion by 2020. It is most likely that as time passes there will be more and more innovations and new things in the gaming world. It may not be as exciting as going to but it may give it a run for its money.  


Here are the trends in gaming that we should look out for in 2019. 


Remastering of the Classic Games  

There have been some games in the past that have become classics. The games from the past have been so popular that they are reintroduced in remastered form. One reason for bringing back these games is nostalgia. This is done with the hope of attracting those who loved the old games and draw in newer ones who would enjoy the more enhanced graphics. In relation to that is the demand of fans and developers have not disappointed them.   


Mobile Gaming   

Mobile games are making their mark in the gaming industry and it is indicative with many users indulging in a plethora of games they can play on their mobile phones. One obvious factor to their popularity is their portability. Gamers can play games anywhere outside their homes and developers cater to every age bracket, not just youngsters who are presumed to be the only consumers.  Another factor that makes mobile gaming enjoyable is there are some (though more will come) games that do not require Wi-Fi or internet connection, which many find very convenient.  


Alternate Reality Games  

Developers have learned how to incorporate real-world elements in an otherwise fictional or virtual world of gaming. All these make for a narrative of a larger story as the user plays the game. This kind of game is not just mere scoring but the gamer gets to be the actor in the story such as adventures and quests rather than just control a playable character from the older games. Experience is the main pursuit of gamers in these kinds of games.  


Battle Royale  

One genre of games that is becoming increasingly popular are the battle-royale type games. As the name suggests, it is a last-person-standing type of game. Players outwit and outdo one another in a game where there can be only one winner. Games such as PUBG Battlegrounds put more emphasis on solo achievements over teamwork. It is fun to watch and it gives gamers the feeling of being alive. It can also be played in mobile mode.   


Hyper-Casual Games  

These games are a hit because they are less expensive and emphasis is on novelty. Developers want to give gamers something fresh rather than trite or overused themes. Another characteristic is they are adaptable to meet changing demands. It is also predicted that revenues will grow more, indicative of the popularity of the games.   


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