Trend: QR code fertility monitor

Body health monitors, whether built into scales or even mobile phones, are quite popular in Japan. Typically these are used to keep tabs on body fat or “body age”, but Ran’s Night is an original concept made specifically for women, and uses QR codes to capture the data for analysis.

Ran’s Night is designed to keep track of a woman’s monthly cycles by monitoring subtle changes in body temperature (between 0.3 ℃ ~ 0.5 ℃), and displays the previous night’s temperature on-screen, while also saving the data from the previous week. However, the full longterm picture comes with integration online.

22.jpgWhile some stats can be read on the device itself, the long-term summary is found by mobile or PC on Ran’s Story. Each morning the user scans the daily QR code on the screen, which then inputs that night’s data into her personal profile and creates graphs and charts along with other information (such as weight) input manually. Thus, over time, it’s possible to visualize monthly cycles and better predict future period strength, PMS, ovulation, and other events.

33.jpgThere’s also an SNS component, as Ran’s Night also works to create a balanced life for all days by hosting a community at Ran’s Story to provide advice and information, and share experiences between users.

Though currently sold out, Ran’s Night will be available again soon for about $125.

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