Recently we have gotten a monthly description on Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a website and a tool that basically is the internet marketeers dream. It indexes about a third of what the Google Bot indexes, and gives one of the best ideas about how well your website is doing, and how you can improve it. And more importantly, you can check out what your competition is doing in incredible detail.

What we absolutely loved:

  • You can check out all your own and your competitor backlinks, and see exactly how strong and natural they are.
  • You can do incredibly rich keyword research and see exactly how competitive the terms are and what competitors are doing to rank for them.
  • They update their blog with the latest great tips for webmasters, including specific tips on how to use their tool to achieve your goals.
  • The tool is constantly being developed and new features are added free of charge on a regular basis.

We give Ahrefs an A+, and highly recommend it.

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