Furniture & Design Trends in 2018

Every year, there are a handful of design trends that really stand out and people just incorporate them in home and business designs. Here are the ones we predict will take a foothold this year.


The first hot design trend is monochrome. Following the aesthetics of minimalism, the monochrome concept gives off a sophisticated feel, with one main theme and this is seen in different aspects of the design, from the color of the surfaces to varying shades seen in furniture and materials used in the space.


This next design trend has been seen in previous years but we see more emphasis on this now. Repurposing recycled materials is all the rage now given the priority and importance of being kind to the environment. Designers are discovering and playing with different materials and textures while thinking of the environment but not compromising aesthetics.


Next is the idea of comfort spaces. It started with coffee shops giving off a homey vibe. Now, we see this concept applied to the workplace, from the layout of the space to the furniture used. We will see this style across industries, across the country, and around the world more and more.


Another hot trend is the use of terra-cotta as design touches. Because of its earthy color, it is a beautiful complement to tactile materials. And the shade is also carried to paint as well as paint brands have developed rusty shades to their lineup.


Last but not the least is maximalism. Big word, simple concept. It is the complete opposite of minimalism. This year, we may see a lot of extravagant interiors, starting with bold prints and patterns that may complement or contrast each other. Ultimately, this design trend exemplifies freely expressing oneself.


Which design concept do you think you would adopt this year?

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