The Latest Trends in horse racing in 2019

The Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Grand National races are just some of the well-known horse races on the planet. Many a bettor take a look at trends before placing any bets to ensure wins and minimize risky bets. Many racebets sign up offers come out during racing season, as well as trend analyses.  

Check out these notable trends: 

Kentucky Derby 

  • Every Kentucky Derby winner has employed “tactical speed” and has placed in the Churchill Downs since it used the points system to identify qualifiers.  
  • Winners of the Wood Memorial has never won in the Kentucky Derby. Neither has winners of the Louisiana Derby in the Run for the Roses. 
  • Since Animal Kingdom won in 2011, every Kentucky Derby winner since then has won their final prep race. The only exception was Giacomo in 2005.  
  • Horses that get the number 1 position hardly place in the Kentucky Derby. The other horses push in so those that start close to the rail are in danger of getting hit. The 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th positions also rarely do well in the race. 
  • Horses that take the number 2 and 10 positions don’t win but place well.  
  • At least 10 horses at the 5th position have won the Kentucky Derby.

Grand National races 

  • Most Grand National winners carry less than 11st in weight. There were only 2 horses since 1978 who were more than 11-5 in weight that won. Seventy-nine percent of the winners weighed less than 10-12.  
  • Horses aged between 9 and 13 usually win in the Grand National. Younger and older horses have never won in them. Unusually enough, the last 4 winners are around 8 years old.  
  • Grand National winners usually place or win any national race. But returning competitors that did not place previously usually do better. 
  • Past winners never win a second time in the Grand Nationals. 
  • Horses that joined hurdle races (like Topham Chase or Becher Chase) also perform well during Grand National races. 
  • Horses that did not race for over 50 days perform poorly in the Grand National. Likewise for horses that joined hard races (eg. Cheltenham Festival) 30 days prior to the Grand National. Horses whose previous race was, at most, 55 days before the Grand National win. 
  • Horses that like to be held up perform poorly; look for that like to be ridden up. 
  • Irish-bred and -trained horses perform quite well in the Grand National 
  • Horses that won races over 3 miles place well. Their staying power and endurance is enough to overcome the 4-mile race. 
  • Nine out of 16 of the top 8 bets in the betting market actually win the race. also , 19% of the time, the favorites win the race. And 54% of the market leaders place within the top 4. 


Take trends with a grain of salt. Rely on them too much or disregard them altogether may mean huge losses for you. Besides, there will always be exceptions to the rule.  

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