2018’s Internet Marketing Trends you should be on top of

Brands have been studying what makes people tick. As this constantly changes, brands quickly adjust and adapt to the ever-changing preferences of their market and this will undoubtedly impact online marketing. These are surely some of the most important trends we will see this year.

App capitalization

From retail shops to banks, from listening to music to watching movies, from finding a restaurant to going on holiday. Almost everything has an app. Marketers will make use of this and post their ads in popular apps to get the word out.


Most people can’t live without their smartphones. And companies that can move consumers to keep on using their smartphones impulsively will win big this year. Brands will definitely invest in knowing what drives people to check things online.

Individual communications

People respond more to personalized communication, not generic messages. Since it is impossible to do one-on-one communication to every single customer, brands employ chatbots. Chatbots offer personal, one-on-one touch base with customers, without breaking the bank. This is the way to go to reach a large scale audience with personal touch.

Native advertising and smart content

With social media around, people are bombarded with all kinds of marketing. What will appeal to people would be personalized content that is not so hard sell. That’s why we predict the boom of native advertising and smart content in the coming years. You would also want to visit https://www.agencybacklinks.com/building-100-white-hat-infographic-links-at-scale/ to learn about infographics to increase your sales.

Content and influencer networks

With people being inundated with information and ads left and right, people turn to people they trust and respect to guide them in making the right choice. Enter the influencers. Brands will work with influencers to promote their products and services, capitalizing on the established network and followers of these influencers.

Big data

If big data was only available to large companies in the past, we will see that big data will soon be used by small and medium-sized businesses this year. Accessibility to big data will make businesses stay competitive and give them the ability to play with the big boys.

Non-visual experiences

Thanks to Hollywood science, we see the deluge of smart speakers in the market today. We see more and more households that have smart speakers. As people become busier, they rely on these devices and voice command to get the information or results they need. As people become accustomed to non-visual and non-physical interfaces, marketers will take advantage of this and adjust to the market’s preferences and habits.

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