Environment & business practices – Trends in 2018

Businesses have learned that sustainable businesses practice improve the bottomline. Getting more support from the public is just icing to the cake. Sustainability is now considered a sound business practice that will carry a business into a viable future.

Shrinking carbon footprints

To lower costs and protect the environment, governments and companies alike look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Although the funds to do so may not match, they still seek and make the effort to go green by using less paper – if not none at all, recycling, and using energy-efficient fixtures. By doing so, they consume fewer products and services that contribute to carbon emissions.

More renewable energy sources

Studies are still ongoing on how to make clean energy sources more affordable. But large companies and governments have slowly turned to using solar energy, hydroelectric power, and wind energy as alternative energy sources. As these renewable energy sources become cheaper and more accessible to all, we will see a rise in its consumption over traditional sources.

Reporting on Environmental Compliance

Companies are now strongly encouraged to incorporate disclosure of environmental compliance in their financial reports. Thus, they are pressured into putting more effort into environmental protection and preservation. We see several organizations pushing for this as time goes by as the world experiences the effects of global warming more and more.

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

With global warming and climate change, consumers are looking to support companies that support sustainability initiatives. Companies take advantage of this and woo consumers to support them by adding their activities to reduce their carbon footprint in their marketing campaigns

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