Other Sites like Alexa to evaluate website traffic & metrics

Alexa is the go-to website when it comes to knowing ranking of websites around the globe. What users appreciate most about Alexa is that, aside from ranking websites on the net, it also gives data about site visitors. It can give you basic demographics about the site visitors, sites visited before and after, keywords used by users, finding backlinks, etc. And it is easy to gather this information. All you need to do is install the Alexa toolbar in your browser. The only catch is, for you to access all the stats, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

So here are alternative websites who offer similar information but for free.


One of the longest-running sites like Alexa, Compete has been around for 15 years or so. Just like other sites mentioned, it gathers data on visitor traffic and competitor data information, all presented in an easy-to-read dashboard that makes data interpretation a breeze. It also provides SEO tools for your website.


Quantcast helps you gather data then calculate them so that the numbers make sense to understand your site traffic and your site visitors. The beauty of Quantcast lies in the fact that it is free. You just need to sign up in order to access its tools.


Ahrefs digs up the dirt tracking backlinks, keywords, brand mentions, and even what the competition is doing. It also supplies SEO tools to enhance your website. What is good about it is that Ahrefs offers a free trial period to sample these yummy tools.


SimilarWeb does not require you to pay any fees or even force you to install their site in your browser like Alexa. And it allows you to gather similar information, including data from mobile apps. Plus, it has pro tools and is very user-friendly.

Website Informer

Just like Alexa, Website Informer give you inside information about a site’s traffic, safety status, and Alexa rank, including information about the site’s owners. Not to mention that it is free and has a widget that you can incorporate in your site.

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